Breadou® Donut

Life can be a hole lot sweeter!

Life can be a hole lot sweeter!

It’s time for a refreshing new taste as Chef Breadou gets groovy with his new collection of “yummy” donuts.

How can anyone resist these tempting, adorable sweet treats that come complete with frostings or chocolate swirls and glossy sugar coating!

Then again, who would bear to eat these innocent pretty little things?

Breadou® Donut series is created for your guilt-free pleasure! You can grab one without getting stained with cream, squeeze it all you want or simply throw it at your friends!

You can do almost everything with it except eating it! Yes… yes… we know it’s a pity but “hey!” this means you can play around with it as long as you want!

“Life can be a hole lot sweeter with a daily treat (or trick) of Breadou® Donut!” ~ Chef Breadou

Breadou™ Donuts come in 6 colourful designs and are stress relievers which double up as a wrist supports. The frostings or chocolate swirls on each donut are hand-painted for your appreciation.

Breadou Singapore, Big Box International Pte. Ltd.