Breadou - Story

Once there was a passionate chef called Chef Breadou whose first love is none other than bread. He wanted to spread the love of bread to everyone, so he started noticing people's lifestyles. After some time, he came to the conclusion that people these days are leading very hectic lives and are constantly stressed.

Armed with his new-found knowledge, Chef Breadou launched into creating the Breadou series of fun breads. Just like what bakeries offer, Breadou looks and smells like real bread but unlike normal bread, these 'gourmet' creations can help people ease away their tensions by simply squeezing or resting their wrists on them! What's more, unlike normal bread, Breadou doesn't expire.

To keep his customers constantly intrigued, Chef Breadou develops new flavours ever so often. So if you love bread and want a stress-free life, check out what Chef Breadou has whipped up for you this month.